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Ourika Valley

On this full-day excursion we leave behind hectic Marrakech and visit the verdant Ourika Valley.

The source of the River Ourika is high in the Atlas Mountains and the river gives the valley its name. This is a landscape of gardens and plants as well as the crops grown in the fertile soils alongside the river.

En route through the mountains we will pass through numerous Berber villages, predominantly constructed of adobe, and blending in with the surrounding landscapes. Alongside the houses it is common to see Berber carpets and textiles drying in the sun and adding a wonderful array of vibrant colours to the scenery. We will pay a visit to a typical Berber house and enjoy a customary mint tea.

Once alongside the river, you will see small cafés and restaurants set up actually on the stones beside the fast-flowing, crystal clear waters – some are even in the water! Continue further and there are comfortable sofas and armchairs on the riverbank where you can sit and relax or dip your toes into the cool water – while waiting for your delicious tagine to be served at your table.

Even further upriver are the beautiful Setti Fatma Waterfalls. If you are feeling adventurous you can climb up to the higher falls and your effort will be rewarded with a spectacular view back down the valley.

On our return journey we may stop at the workshop where women produce Argan oil which is used in a variety of ways - as a foodstuff, in cosmetics, in skincare products, soaps, etc.

We return to Marrakech in the early evening.